Rafts & Underpinning

Reinforced concrete rafts can be constructed independantly of piling or can be tied into the piles if required. In either instance our experienced Steel fixers and Joiners are adept to constructing a wide variety of rafts of varying complexity.


In instances where there has been movement within a building underpinning is the course of remedy. Depending upon accessibility there are a number of options. Traditional underpinning involves excavating adjacent to the existing foundation, undermining to suitable bearing ground and then concreting in sections to provide new foundation. Alternatively if ground conditions dictate, a combination of Piling with Needle beams can be installed from the outside of the building. Using a canter lever design, piles can be installed perpendicular to the wall, undermining of the foundation carried out and then the new beam is tied into the piles and existing foundation using steel reinforcement.

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