Testing & Monitoring

Integrity Testing – Auger Piles
A pile integrity test is a method for assessing the condition of piles or shafts, identifying potential discontinuities such as cracks or voids, additionally it can be used to identify the depth of the pile toe. The test constitutes striking the pile head, the impact produces a compression wave that travels down the pile at a constant wave speed. This procedure is performed with a hand held hammer to generate an impact, an accelerometer or geophone placed on top of the pile to be tested to measure the response to the hammer impact, and a data acquisition and interpretation electronic instrument.

Static Load Testing
A static load test is a method in which the performance of a pile can be ascertained when loaded under a predetermined weight. The test can determine what settlement may occur if loaded to working load, multiples of working load and can also determine ultimate pile capacity. The three forms of testing are:

Dynamic Load Testing
A dynamic load test is a method in which the performance of a pile can be ascertained by striking the pile with a drop hammer. By recording and analysing the information obtained the tester can predict the static behavior of the pile and determine its capability to support previously calculated load.

Vibration Monitoring
In situations where adjacent buildings may be of concern due to their proximity or age, monitoring can be carried out during the piling process. Using Vibrock monitors we are able to take continual readings during the piling process. If ground vibration exceeds predetermined levels (as prescribed by a structural engineer) then piling works will cease until a visit is made by the consulting engineered and procedures to continue are established.

testing and monitoring kit
Testing and monitoring
testing and monitoring

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